As Salaam Alaikum! 


Concerning the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic and possible spread of the virus, based on the guidelines of the Public Health Department, and according to the advice of several scholars, doctors, and Imams; Turkish American Society and Islamic Society of Midwest have suspended all following activities and events at the center effective starting tomorrow (Friday) March 13th until further notice to safeguard the community and the members against this novel outbreak.

Daily Prayers

Friday(Jummah) Prayers 

Social gatherings 

Upcoming events  


It is a tough decision made after consultation with the community leaders. As we have been monitoring the situation, we will periodically keep you updated. During this period, we would humbly suggest you get informed and trained through this link  or local health authorities for the prevention of the virus effect. Spiritually, we also suggest you to read Surah Yasin for cure and protection and remind you to do supplications from the sunnah of the Prophet(saw) such as the prayer of protection he made in the mornings and the evenings. `Bismillahil-ladhi la yadurru ma`as-mihi shai’un fil-ardi wa la fis-sama’i, wa Huwas-Sami`ul-`Alim (In the Name of Allah with Whose Name there is protection against every kind of harm in the earth or in the heaven, and He is the All-Hearing and All-Knowing),’ will be protected from every harm. (Tirmidhi) May Allah SWT keep you safe and healthy and protect your families and friends from all diseases and disasters!

Commemoration of ISRA & MI'RAJ

Presented by ISOM & CMC

Love and Honor of the Beloved (saw)

Saturday, March 14th, 6:15 PM

501 Midway Drive Mount Prospect, IL 60056


by Shayk Suleiman Hani

Jan 24-26

501 Midway Drive Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Alhamdulillah We are partnering with

Al-Maghrib Institute.



Thinking With Our Faith:

A look Inside Our Spiritual Toolboxes

Prof. Scott C. Alexander

Friday, February 7 6:30-8:30PM

501 Midway Drive Mount Prospect, IL 60056


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