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Condolence Message from the Islamic Society of Midwest

The Islamic Society of the Midwest is deeply saddened and grieved by the horrific attack in Plainfield, Illinois, where 6-year-old Wadea Al-Fayoume lost his life. Our hearts go out to the young victim's family during this arduous and painful time. No words can fully express our sadness at such a senseless and devastating loss.

This incident, characterized as a hate crime and an act of Islamophobia, is a painful reminder of the prejudice and bigotry that persists in our society. We are deeply concerned about the increase in such heinous acts fueled by discrimination and hatred. Islamophobia and other forms of hatred undermine our societies' fabric and unity.

We are also sensitive about the language used and the prejudiced attitude of media professionals towards Muslims and other cultures, particularly in light of recent developments in the Middle East. The media's portrayal of faiths and cultures as a cause for discrimination and war only isolates and demonizes different segments of societies and contributes to a climate of fear and mistrust. We urge the media and every responsible individual to be extra sensitive to this harmful and hateful language and reporting.

In light of this painful incident, we call on all our friends to condemn all forms of discrimination, racism, and hatred. Together, more than ever, we must work towards a more inclusive, just, and tolerant society and world where everyone is valued and treated with the dignity they deserve.

We pray Allah's mercy for innocent Wadea Al-Fayoume and a speedy recovery for her injured mother. We also extend our sincere condolences and solidarity to the grieving family, the Illinois Muslim community, and the broader American public.


Islamic Society of Midwest

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